Dogs are special to families everywhere. They live as part of our family, they inject life and love into our lives, brightening our days as they welcome us home. My goal is to help you achieve the best possible quality of life for you and your dog - to support you, encouraging you and your dog to succeed together.

I aim to teach you to train your dog so that you reap the rewards of building a terrific bond between you. Witnessing that special bond develop is incredibly rewarding. You will see the benefits of building it yourself - in an increased focus on you, a greater responsiveness and in an increased eagerness to learn.

Training gives your dog more confidence, prevents unwanted behaviours, enables you to cope when your dog does something unexpected and provides your dog with mental stimulation which prevents boredom and mischievous behaviour.  And it’s fun. That’s pretty much what encouraged me to take up dog training as a career – the sheer fun had in classes - and that’s what I aim to bring to you.

Our Services

Obedience classes for all age groups:
puppy, adolescent and adult dogs

Puppy Home Visits to help you with those vital
early days in your puppy’s life.

Behaviour consultations tailored to your dog

121 training for personal attention and quick results

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Professional, IMDT qualified Trainer
Small Classes
Friendly and fun for owners and their dogs


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