GROUP CLASSES   -   £11 per lesson   -   45min per lesson

Lessons are booked in blocks to make a course. Course lengths vary and are as per Ashington School terms to avoid clashes with children using the neighboring skateboard arena.

In our classes we will be covering the following areas of training...

Handling: examination and grooming of your dog

Get your dog's attention ('Response to Name' & 'Eye Contact')

Positions: Sit, Down and Stand


Walking on a lead without pulling

Recall - get your dog to come back when called

Controlled, safe Meet and Greets with other people and dogs

Controlled entries and exits through gates or doors

Q&A: Ask about dog issues and how to solve them

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Group Classes - Availability

Adolescents & Adult Dogs

Thursday 12 noon - Ashington (outdoors)

Friday 12 noon - Ashington (outdoors)

Saturday 4pm - Upper Beeding village green (outdoors)

Puppy Class (dogs up to 5 months of age)

Thursday 6pm - Small Dole

Friday 6pm - Small Dole

Saturday 3pm - Upper Beeding village green (outdoors)

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PUPPY FOUNDATIONS   -   £11 per lesson   -   45min per lesson

Lessons are booked in blocks of eight to make a course.

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In Puppy Foundations we will cover the following.....

Responsibility and Care for your puppy

Handling: examination and grooming of your puppy

How to get your puppy's attention ('Response to Name')

How to encourage gentle, fun play (including release of toys when asked)

Food manners - taking food gently

Confident interaction with other dogs and people

Confidence around unfamiliar objects, sights and sounds

Introduction to Recall and Walking nicely on a Lead

Introduction to Stay and Settle and to positions: Sit, Stand & Down

Q&A each lesson: learn about toilet training, nipping, jumping up & more...

Puppy Classes (dogs up to 5 months of age) - Availability

Thursday 6pm - Small Dole

Friday 6pm - Small Dole

Saturday 3pm - Upper Beeding village green (outdoors)


BEHAVIOUR   -   1 to 1 CONSULTATION   -   £95

Are you experiencing problems with your dog?  I can help with the following issues.

Toilet training


Jumping Up

Digging up your garden

Chasing your children

Stealing items to eat or play with

Dislike of harness or grooming

Pulling on the lead

Not coming back when called

Chewing the furniture


Inability to settle down

Raiding the rubbish bin --------->

...and more

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Sessions to address issues like these can take place on walks or at your home, whichever is most appropriate.  They are held on a 1 to 1 basis and last up to 2 hours.  You will be asked to fill in a questionnaire and I will talk through the issue with you before we meet.  At our meeting, I will take down any further details and discuss a suitable plan of action for you and your dog.  Payment for the consultation also covers training given on the day of our meeting, a follow up report and subsequent support given via email or phone for three months. 

Follow up visits may be arranged as needed - £40 for 1 hour.


TRAINING WALKS   -   £10.00 per hour

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Imagine taking a lovely walk where you have a qualified instructor at hand to help you teach your dog those things needed to make your walks fun and safe.   This is an on-lead group walk, dealing with issues owners face every day.   You will meet others facing similar challenges and have a lot of fun overcoming them together.    During these walks we will cover...

- How to stop your dog pulling on the lead (aka 'Loose Lead Walking')

- How to deal with the kind of distractions you meet daily on your walks.

- How to meet and greet other people and other dogs

- Teach your dog positions that improve control & safety: Sit, Stay, Middle.

- Teach your dog to walk either side of you so you can position yourself between your dog and nearby hazards wherever you walk.


DOG WALKS   -   £10.00 per hour

These walks are for the average dog who is a fairly well-rounded character and without serious behaviour issues.

Dogs on this walk may find themselves accompanying my own dog 'Sooty' who has passed his Silver Good Citizen's Test (well done Sooty!).  We will explore the Beeding Levels, the Lower Horseshoe and sports field at Steyning or the beach near Widewater Lagoon.  If you have any special places you'd love your dog to enjoy, just let me know and I'll do my best to accommodate you.

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I also offer photography of your dogs!  Click on the above photo to find out more.


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