Information About Group Classes

Where to Go

Upper Beeding Village Green

Please see below for a map of how to reach the village green.  This is a lovely green which is usually fairly quiet.  Parking is limited so bear this in mind and give yourself plenty of time to find a spot from where you can walk to the green.
Please note: this is NOT the sports field.  Don't worry if you have gone to the wrong site though, they are fairly close and I can easily guide you in. 

What to Bring

Lead (please use an ordinary lead - slip leads and extendable leads are not used in our classes)
• Harness (if you do not have one please use a wide flat collar). The ‘Perfect Fit’ is a great harness and can be purchased here
• Treat pouch if you have one (a pocket can be used for treats if you don’t have a treat pouch)
• Treats - Plenty of small treats. Diced chicken is great. You can use ham, mild cheese or cocktail sausage in small quantities. Visit allaboutdogfood to find advice on commercial products.
• A dog toy
• Poo bags
• If it is hot, please bring a water bowl and water

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