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Information About Group Classes

Where to Go

Ashington Centre

Please see below for a map of how to reach the Ashington Ctr.  This is a lovely venue with ample parking and it's local but our training area is not fully enclosed so our dogs will need to be on leads. 
When you get there, park your car and ask people where to find the ‘grassy area at the back’. If that does not mean anything to them ask for the multi-sports court and when you get to that just keep walking straight on past it’s shorter side until you see the grass lawn with a seat in it at the far end.

Small Dole Village Hall

Please see below for a map of how to reach the Hall.  If this is your first lesson please wait outside the Hall (in your cars if the weather is awful) so that we can introduce the dogs to the Hall and to each other in a controlled manner.  If you've already had your first lesson just go right on in.

What to Bring

Lead (please use an ordinary lead - slip leads and extendable leads are not used in our classes)
• Harness (if you do not have one please use a wide flat collar). The ‘Perfect Fit’ is a great harness and can be purchased here
• Treat pouch if you have one (a pocket can be used for treats if you don’t have a treat pouch)
• Treats - Plenty of small treats. Diced chicken is great. You can use ham, mild cheese or cocktail sausage in small quantities. Visit allaboutdogfood to find advice on commercial products.
• A dog toy (or two!)
• Poo bags
• A dog bed or mat

For classes at Ashington please, also, bring the following:
• A heavy rucksack or some other object that won’t blow around in the wind and that you don’t mind getting wet – we will use this as a station marker for where you stand with your dog.
• If it is hot, please bring a water bowl and water
• Bed - if you have a waterproof or easily washed item we could use for your dog’s outdoor bed, please bring it when asked (you won’t need it for your first lesson). Foam mats are available from Amazon or, for windy conditions, try using a doormat.

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