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Social Walks ... for you, your dog, your family and friends!

If you are like me and love to see your dog running around and playing with doggy friends, then you'll really enjoy Social Walks. 
Not only does your dog get to make new friends but he learns polite behaviour and all that playing will make him ready for a good snooze when he gets back home.   What's more, your dog will get to go to some exciting places he's hever been to before - what's not to like?  
A break in the usual routine is good for us owners too, as is the ability to network with other dog owners in our area so that we can share news & tips. 
Our walks are free.  You'll find the latest ones posted below.   Come along & join us, we'd love to meet you.

Spithandle Lane - The Walk

That was a gorgeous walk.  Thanks for coming, I really enjoyed it and so did my dog - especially the bits where he made new doggy friends, got wet and muddy or caught wind of a scent to investigate - great fun, bestest fun in the world!  As for us humans, we enjoyed watching our dogs run about together and had a great natter about dogs (during which I picked up some very useful tips) and other stuff too.  It started out a little chilly but the sun was out and warmed us up in no time.  The bluebells were a little past their best but were still beautiful and other wildflowers were plentiful.  Lovely winding little paths, old tree trunks to step over, wooden bridges across streams, sunbeams slanting through trees newly in leaf and the smell of bluebells everywhere - fantastic.  

Spithandle Lane

Our next walk, as promised, will be taking us through the stunning bluebell woods of Spithandle Lane.  I've walked through much of the route and we are lucky to have one of our members come along who knows these woods very well so we will get to see all the best bits!  It really is beautiful; the woods are heady with the scent of the bluebells and they are quite a sight atm. 
I've included a map below to show you the route (it's a rough guide).  The areas marked in red are possible parking areas.  The large red oval is The Fountain Inn - I asked and we have permission to park there.  The red rectangle indicates a layby opposite Ashurst Primary School (this  may be in use by football squads using the nearby recreation ground so be sure to be early if you wish to park here because you might have to go to an alternative spot if it is full).  The red smudges indicate parking by the side of Spithandle Lane.  This is not an official layby but it looks like it is in regular use by people.  If you are not sure where to park choose The Fountain Inn.  Walking from the Inn to the beginning of our route means some road walking without pavements but it's a short distance so bearable I think. 
I will be ready to meet you at The Fountain Inn car park at 9.00 am and we will begin our walk at 9.10 am.  If you want to use one of the other parking areas just stick to the route shown and you should pick us up.  To be *sure* of picking us up, wait at the junction between fields and woods marked with a small orange circle.
I hope you see you there.  We have a good weather forecast for the day and I'm looking forward to it.  If you wish to stay after the walk for a drink or meal at The Fountain Inn that would be great - we can find seats outdoors and sit comfortably, our dogs by our sides (please bring plenty of drinking water for your dog in case it is warmer than forecast).

Shoreham & Beeding

Hi everyone.  We'll be heading to the beach. The idea is to walk between the Old Fort at Shoreham to Widewater Lagoon and back again. I did the walk this morning and it took 2 hours. If you fancy a shorter walk you could just do a part of it. I think low tide would be best so I'm placing this walk on Saturday 13th April when the low tide is said to be 11.56am according to this site: https://www.tide-forecast.com/locations/Shoreham-England/tides/latest. 

We'll be meeting up at the Old Fort car park at 11am. There are a handful of free parking spaces there but they are likely to be filled so I'd bank on paying for parking or parking on the local roads and walking to the car park.

Most of the walk is on a lovely boardwalk but part is on pebbles.  If you hate pebbles you can put your dog on its lead and use the footpath bordering the road or (if the tide is low enough), walk on the sand 'twixt pebbles and sea.  As ever, please choose appropriate footwear and keep an eye on the weather forecast!

Do let me know if you have any questions, if not I'll see you there. 



1) It looks like our dogs *can* be off-lead for the Old Fort to Widewater walk - yippee!  I checked here: https://www.adur-worthing.gov.uk/beaches/#dogs-beach and they say this...
"The only restriction to dogs on the beaches in Adur and Worthing is that between 1st May and 30th September dogs are excluded between Heene Road and Splash Point in Worthing and between the two boat launching ramps in Goring."  They do say dogs must be kept under strict control at all times but they don't mention being on leads so I think we are safe to assume our dogs can be off lead for our walk.  That's great news :)

2) I'll be running another walk which will also be off-lead the following day on Sunday 14th April.  This will take place along the river north of Beeding.  It's a circuit and will probably take about one and a half hours to two hours. I've attached a pic to give you some idea of the route. We'll meet by the Stables off Pound Lane at the point marked with a green circle on the map (if you search google maps it is at the junction off of which you can find D&P Autos or CLC Sussex - we will be a few steps north of that junction by the red poo bin). Start time for Sunday is 10am.  There may be cows just at the point where the fields join the river but the whole walk is absolutely gorgeous! 

River Adur (north)

Shoreham: Old Fort to Widewater

Social Walks

Our first Social Walk was great fun and we're looking for more routes around and about Sussex to investigate with our dogs.  Send your routes to me at familydogs@yahoo.com so that we can enjoy them together.

Our next walk is being planned for 9th March - not long to go now!  

Steyning: Lower Horseshoe - 9th Feb

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o "The walk we had today will take some beating!!"

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o "It was great to meet you all. The dogs had a wonderful time."

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