Puppy Parties

In our parties your puppy will have a great time playing with other pups its own age, but it will do lots more besides.

Activities include…
• Practicing social skills with other puppies
• Learning to focus on owners
  (even when there are exciting puppies to play with)
• Exposure to different sounds, textures and scents
• Crossing obstacles and tunnels (recall practice)
• Navigating a course of ‘stepping stones’...
  (helping pups learn how to walk nicely on the lead)
Playing 'hunt the treat' with those awesome noses
• Building confidence walking over & around objects
• Discovering new toys and challenges
Balancing on wobbly objects

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Why include these things in a puppy party? Investigating different sights, sounds, textures and scents *at the puppy’s own pace* and with the support of a knowledgeable instructor helps build confidence.  If you want a dog that is friendly with other dogs and people, building confidence in your puppy is the best place to start.

These parties are for anyone with a young puppy. Puppies signed up to the party will find themselves socialising with other puppies in a small, safe hall, supervised by me. I am a qualified dog trainer. This means I am trained in canine body language, in how dogs learn, in building a dog’s confidence, in managing activities suitable for dogs and in how to teach people to train their dogs. Besides watching their puppies learn through fun activities, owners attending this club benefit from a question and answer session covering the following…

• What to do about socialisation
Puppy problem-shooting
• Equipment advice
• Training tips and options
• Diet questions answered
• Advice on exercise, play and rest
• Training your puppy to be left alone

Puppies that are nervous will be given suitable support and may be directed to a room off the main room where they can have a little space from the other dogs and take things at their own pace. Usually puppies will gain confidence very quickly and then they can mix with the other puppies, but it is very important (for your puppy's sake) not to overwhelm them before they are ready for it.

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