Puppy Home Visits - £50

Our Puppy Home Visits are designed to give you the knowledge, skills and confidence to choose, prepare for and begin the training of your new puppy. No two puppies are exactly alike, they each have their own personalities and present different challenges. Our support can help you and your family to get to know your puppy, preparing you for a happy life together.

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If you are wondering what kind of dog to get and would like to be fully prepared for its arrival then we can help you with advice about breeds that will fit in with your lifestyle, where to buy your puppy, estimating costs, puppy proofing your house and garden, your puppy's bed, collecting your puppy and it’s first few days in your home.

When your puppy arrives, it will be a cute bundle but looking after it is a responsibility and can feel like a lot to handle. We can help you prepare your puppy for its first visits to the vet and give you the skills you need to deal with a whole host of common puppy issues such as those below…

Toilet Training
• Chewing
• Nipping/biting/mouthing
• Positive interactions with your children and/or pets
• Accepting food politely (not snatching)
• Digging
• Releasing items when asked (drop)
• Accepting being handled and groomed
• Accepting new equipment such as collar or harness

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We will also advise you on your general care and training of your puppy at this important stage of its development. Here are some examples of topics that we can cover…

• Advice on equipment
• Advice on what to feed your puppy
• How to socialise your puppy
• Training your puppy to be left alone
• Advice on exercise
• Balancing exercise & play with calm activities & rest.
• Using your puppy’s food for training & play.
• Puppy obedience training: Sit, Down, Stay & Come

The Home Visit - how it works

Before we visit your home, we will arrange for you to answer a questionnaire. Your visit will take up to 2 hours during which time we may ask further questions as it is important for us to find a plan of action that works for you and fits into your lifestyle. The bulk of the session, however, will be spent training your puppy and answering any questions that you may have.

How to Book

To book a Home Visit email Sherie at familydogs@yahoo.com 

After the Home Visit

After our visit we will send you an email detailing what we covered in our session so that you can refer back to it at your leisure. You will also receive full email and telephone support for the following 3 months.

To build on the great foundations you have put into place through the Home Visit, continue with your puppy training at your own home in our custom designed 1 to 1 visits or join one of our group classes.

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