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Puppy Classes

Our group puppy classes are all about having a good time and developing a great relationship with your dog. You and your puppy will develop teamwork through learning new things together, resulting in greater understanding, better communication and a deeper bond between you.
They are free to try so come along & give it a go.

Where, When & What do they cost?

Small Dole Village Hall (Nov - April)              -      Wednesday          -     7 pm

Upper Beeding village green (April - Oct)      -      Wednesday          -     7 pm

These training sessions are booked in blocks of eight lessons, costing £90. Individual lessons are 45 minutes long.
(For dogs over 5 months see our classes for Adult & Adolescent Dogs )

In our classes we cover the following...
• Responsibility and Care for your puppy
• Handling: examination and grooming of your puppy
• How to get your puppy's attention
• How to encourage gentle, fun play
  (including release of toys when asked)
• Food manners - taking food gently
• Confident interaction with other dogs and people
• Confidence around unfamiliar objects
• Introduction to Recall and Walking nicely on a Lead
• Introduction to Stay and to Sit, Stand & Down
• Q&A each lesson: learn how to deal with toilet training, nipping, jumping up & more...

Which is best, an indoor class or an outdoor class? 
• Indoor Classes – these provide a controlled, safe environment which is warm, comfortable and free from distractions.
• Outdoor Classes – these offer more space which is great for puppies that need to build their confidence. In these classes you’ll be training your puppy in the environment it needs that training most.

How to Book

Email Sherie at familydogs@yahoo.com to book
Already signed up for a course?  Find out more about where to go and what to bring here.

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