Puppy Training

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"We have learned a huge amount from puppy training with Sherie, our puppy thoroughly enjoyed training and she engaged our whole family in the training with him. I would thoroughly recommend Sherie to anyone, she has taught us all important skills, and provided us with invaluable advice."

Claire B-D

What form of training should I choose?

Group Class – There are many benefits to joining a group class. Not only will your puppy benefit from socialisation, discovering how to behave with other dogs, but it will learn to focus on you despite all the distractions other dogs offer. In addition, members of group classes soon learn that they are not alone in the challenges they face with their puppy and gain a great deal from the mutual support of other class members.
Puppy Home Visits –If you prefer to train in the comfort of your own home then choose our home visits. These are carefully tailored to your own personal circumstances. You will learn how to deal with toilet training, nipping, behaviour around children and whatever else is most important to you. Puppy Home Visits are also ideal for people who are preparing to get a puppy and for puppies that have not yet received their full vaccinations.
Puppy Parties: these are great fun for your pup help build confidence

A Great Start for your Puppy

Puppies are such fun and so, so cute. I love them - we all do, we just can’t help it. They are small, vulnerable, engaging and playful. They get their noses into everything and have their whole lives before them.

We all want to do the best for our new puppy and training is a great way to go about that because it teaches you to understand your puppy and how best to communicate with it. Whether you want your dog to take part in active sports, to excel in the show ring or simply to be a loved member of your family, training and communication are the keys to success.

The training you want for your puppy will, of course, involve teaching it commands such as Sit, Stay and Come but it will also take into consideration the fact that your dog is at a crucial stage of its development. Young puppies need to learn about the world they find themselves in very quickly: what is safe and what is not safe, how to interact with people and other dogs and how to behave in the family home. This means that a vital part of your puppy’s learning needs to include socialisation and exposure to other dogs, to people, to strange objects and new experiences. In our training we will be working carefully to build your puppy’s confidence so that it develops into a dog that is well-balanced, friendly and able to flourish in our complicated society.

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