I have been a photographer for many years, both as an amateur photographing wildlife and as a professional, photographing children on behalf of a primary school. 
I love the way photographs can capture things we do not necessarily notice in our busy lives: the exquisite detail of a dragonfly's wings, the precise moment when a dandelion clock is carried off by the wind and the drama of interactions between living things. 
Personality, quirks of character and relationships are things I'd love to capture for you and your dogs as well as their appearance and the things they get up to.  Dog photography is a new venture for me and has its own distinct challenges compared to other types of photogaphy so I'm looking for models to practice on.  If you would be interested please get in touch with me at  I'm happy to travel within a 5 mile radius and, in the interests of gaining experience, this service is free.
You can see some of my photography below...

You can see some of my wildlife images here

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