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What are your qualifications?
What training methods do you use?
What are your prices?
Do you guarantee results?
Can you help aggressive dogs?
How do I book?
What are your Terms and Conditions?

All Group Classes

Can I observe a class before deciding whether to book a course?
Where do I go for my group class and what should I bring with me?
What are the benefits of using a harness?
What happens if I miss a class?
Can I bring my children to classes?
What size are your group classes? 
How can I stop my dog barking during class?


When can my puppy start training?
What if my puppy is nervous?

About Me
Why did I take up dog training? I have always loved and often owned dogs so when I got made redundant after 18 years with the same school I took it as an opportunity.  My partner and I got a beautiful puppy.  We started lessons as soon as we could and I got well and truly bitten by the dog training bug. Not only did I hugely enjoy it, but I could see what a great difference an improved relationship with their dog made to people’s lives. Time spent assisting with training classes and behaviourist sessions proved this over and over again. I loved it and wanted to help people and their dogs live the life they'd always dreamed of and deserved to have.

I worked as an assistant trainer and took many courses to further my knowledge. Among other things, I have taken Canine First Aid, shadowed experienced behaviourists and passed my professional IMDT examination. The IMDT promotes force free dog training that is fun and creates an amazing bond between owners and their dogs.  It provides exemplary theoretical and practical training for its members.  It’s motto “Be the Change” has inspired countless trainers to make the transition to proven methods of training that are backed by scientific research and rely on positive rewards for your dog. It’s professional, it’s ethical and it’s what I believe in. You can read its Code of Ethics here.

I am also interested in wildlife and photography - you can see some of my wildlife photos here

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