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Dog Walking

DOG WALKS - £12.50 per hour.  Book 4 or more for £10 per walk

 During a walk your dog gets a chance to engage with his or her environment through sight, smell and sound. They get exercise and the chance to socialize with people and dogs outside the home. It really is important for their sense of wellbeing and for their physical health.

On our walks we will explore the Adur Levels, the Lower Horseshoe at Steyning, the beach and Old Fort in Shoreham, Widewater Lagoon, Beeding Hill, The Downs Link and other local spots. If you have any special areas you'd love your dog to enjoy, just let me know and I'll do my best to accommodate you.

Transport will either be on foot or in my Utility car which has a custom-made crate for two dogs, plus seat belts to attach to a dog’s harness.

I am insured, first aid trained and a qualified dog trainer so you can be confident that your dog is in good hands. I also enjoy photography so you might find yourself with some special images to treasure too.

TRAINING WALKS - £25 per hour.  Book 4 or more for £20 per walk

Does your dog pull on the lead, drag you around and lunge at people or dogs?  Will he come back when called?  Does he come back but then keep just far enough away from you so that you cannot put his lead back on?  These are frustrating behaviours but thankfully they are not ones you have to continue living with.  I can help cure them AND walk your dog for you at the same time. 

How to Book

Email Sherie at to book.

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