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Group Classes

Group Classes give you...

• Fun-filled learning for your dog
• A wide range of handling and training skills
• Training outdoors which is realistic & challenging.
• Socialisation for your dog
• Exciting activities and games
• Developing teamwork with your dog

Classes are free to try so come along & give it a go.

"Sherie has just completed a set of six classes training me and my dog! A back to basics set of lessons that we both enjoyed and, yes, Jasper is definitely better behaved now…we’ll be back! "

Nicola M

Group Classes for Adolescent and Adult Dogs

(See our Puppy Classes for dogs under 5 months)

Upper Beeding village green: Wednesday 2pm and Sunday 2pm

These lessons are booked in blocks of 8 lessons costing £80.  Individual lessons are 45 minutes long.

Our classes cover the following areas of training…
• How to get your dog's attention
• Positions: Sit, Down and Stand
• Stay
• Walking on a lead without pulling
• Recall - get your dog to come back when called
• Controlled, safe Meet and Greets with people & dogs
• Confidence building exercises
• Q&A: Ask about dog issues and how to solve them at the end of each lesson

I love group training classes.   They are all about having a good time and developing a great relationship with your dog.  The best training is also play and play is naturally good fun for both dogs and their owners.  It’s quality time when you and your dog can learn new things together, resulting in greater understanding, better communication and a deeper bond between you. Our lessons are free to try, so come along and find out for yourself.

How to Book

Email Sherie at to book
Already signed up?  Find out more about where to go and what to bring here.

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