Behaviour Consultation

Are you experiencing problems with your dog?  I can help with many issues, including the following…
• Walking nicely on the lead
• Recall
Jumping up
• Toilet training
Car travel problems
Nipping or excessive mouthing
Barking at cars, chasing cars
• Stealing items to eat or play with
• Inability to settle down
• Dislike of crate, grooming, harness or walks
• Behaviour around family members, pets or visitors
• Separation Anxiety

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"Hi Sherie, Many thanks for your time yesterday and the report. I have taken Tilly out this morning and I am pleased to say that she was more responsive (with the treat bag to hand!) and was walking beside me looking up at me and although not all the time, it was a marked difference."
Diane M


2 hour Consultation.  This includes a questionnaire , a discussion of your dog's behaviour,  on-the-spot training exercises tailored to your dog's needs and a written Report. As well as outlining the main elements of our discussion when we met, the Report will  contain descriptions of how to carry out exercises to help your dog and advice on how to manage your dog while you are following your customised training plan... £150

1 hour Consultation.  This includes a discussion of your dog's behaviour and a short report detailing recommended training exercises for your dog.. £75

How to Book
Email Sherie at to book
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